Tools for Tuesdays....

Blog Post created by Pops on Feb 4, 2020

Good morning EXers!

So here we are, another Tuesday in "Smobriety".  Do you have your tools ready to dispatch the boredom and monotony that so often come calling on days when we might not be on our keenest watch?  Remember, the demonic traits of nicotine addiction can come calling @ any given hour, of any given day....It has been my experience, the fateful callings seem to come into my head on days that I am least expecting them.  Especially on the days when I am very busy & occupied with stressful time management that is quite often during the beginning of the work week.

Fortunately, I was able to get away for a few hours yesterday evening and ride the Harley for a bit, and got the stink blown out of my psyche for awhile.  I just love "wind therapy".  I hope you can find something in your life that brings you peace and comfort, and enjoy it as often as you can....

Somedays, the weather is so depressing, that I need to find peace within my home, or just be simply being alone and at one with my inner-self.  You know the one...the one that means for me to be happy joyous and free...(the liberated self).  Not the one that is weak and bound by immature and selfish and fearful elements of my old life.  I am finally free of that bondage, and wish for it to be gone forever from my life.  As much as I wish for it to be gone, it is still a formidable enemy that is as tenacious and enduring as a "cockroach".  No matter how many times I dispatch it....it still seems to come back around uninvited, and certainly unwanted.  That is my lot... However, if my kit of tools is close by, and properly maintained....I will be able to live on and enjoy the day free of bondage of my old nicotine addicted self.

Therefore, I am Pops, and I am very happy to say that on this Tuesday...I have 160 Days of Freedom!

Enjoy your smokefree day today.....