Super Bowl Monday....

Blog Post created by Pops on Feb 3, 2020

Good morning EXers! 

How great was that super bowl!?  I actually got to enjoy the entire game without going outside to choke down a butt in the cold back porch....Heck I even got to watch the whole halftime show...and as a "Crusty Ole Biker" you can bet I enjoyed every twirkin second of that performance....(good thing I started on my blood thinners last week), my friends were all telling me to settle down & not have a heart attack...I was sitting in the center of the room just six feet away from a super giant screen TV...best seat in the house...bar none...

It was a great weekend of not smoking and enjoying the gorgeous spring like temperatures in early February.  Heck, I think I am going to straddle the Iron Pony tonight for a couple of hours...A friend of mine just told me last Saturday that he bought a home just a few blocks north of Duvall Street in Key West...He's going to become an official "snowbird" now.  I told him to be prepared to have a house guest from time to time....I just love Key West.  He is living my dream for sure.

So now it's back to the grind...Monday is calling and I need to get it in gear.  I have contractors working on a large project already, and I need to get over there and make sure everything is going as planned.  Enjoy your Monday (smokefree that is...)

Pops w/158 DOF!!!