Well, for all of you that used to accuse me of being a “heartless SOB”...things have changed...

Blog Post created by Pops on Sep 4, 2019

Hello to all of my EX friends. God knows you have all been way too generous with me and my lack of resolve in previous quits. Well, I’ve heared it said, “ no wine should be served before it’s time...In the morning of 28 August @ 7:30am, I was put to sleep and a team of six doctors removed my heart from my chest, and replaced a very weak and defective “mitral valve” with a new valve that is called a bovine valve (made from a cows valve and is expected to last for at least 30 years from now. Typically they used to use pigs valves, but they have developed a high rate of rejection and don’t last much longer than fifteen years. 


So, my attempt at heartless humor is better realized. I’m thinking that at least I have a brand new heart to successfully navigate this forever quit. Thanks in advance for all of you support. I’m sorry that I’ve been such a tool this year. 

Believe when I tell you that waking up to see that your chest has three huge tubes sticking inside your cavity for about 12” long...Yikes! That was scary. One needn’t worry about my resolve to continue with this quit. I’ve literally been to the other side, & I have no intention of foolishly ever putting a stick of nicotine in my body ever again. NOPE!!!!!  I’m being released from the hospital tomorrow morning and will get caught up with more details later. 

In the meantime, enjoy your smoke free evening, as I certainly will!!! By the way, I’m so missing my boys “Mac & Cheese!”