I have eyes on my day five ;-)!

Blog Post created by Pops on Jun 18, 2019

 Good morning EXers.....


Well, things are going well as can be expected...the jonsing factor isn't too terribly disturbing this time around.  I am sitting @ my desk eating my morning ritual..(a mug of iced tea, and two slices of wheat toast with peanut butter and jelly)...That seems to help keep the hunger craves away until lunchtime.  

As you can see...I'm already getting started lol.  I have a staff meeting in about 20 minutes, then it's turn & burn all day again.  My office neighbor is starting to feel some heat, as he sees that I am knocking out work at a maddening rate, while he simply sits at his computer and surfs the web for gun deals and streams his music, and spreads rumors about the state of affairs in our office these days....(you know what I mean....anything "BUT" doing some semblance of productive work...???  All the while, singing Trump's mantra, "Make America Great Again."  I could just puke....


But hey....I'm not smoking!!!  I'm thinking just a second...time for another bite of that toast....ummmm good....Okay, where was I?  Oh yeah, I'm alive on day FIVE!  Yep, I noticed that I didn't hack up any phlem this morning either.  I'm certainly not missing that wonderful morning exercise...you know the one....where you cough so hard, that a hunk of oyster guts come flying unexpectantly out of your mouth and lands on some inappropriate spot on the side of the car, or down my shirt....oh joy....what a great visual you get to have this morning huh?  Well remember EXers...that is just one example as to why you don't do that anymore....so there....don't say Pops never gave you anything...your welcome. 


Seriously, I need to get busy on this toast before the meeting and I will check back after the meeting.  In the meantime...

Enjoy your smokefree day!

Pops with 5 Days of Freedom!!! Woo Hoo!!!