Pops is "Misty-Eyed" on day 65....

Blog Post created by Pops on Nov 26, 2018

Good morning EXer family!  I thought that I would check in this morning, as it seems that I may be just about the only person on my team working today.  Oh my boss just walked in....(darn it...lol)  I hope all had a great weekend, as now it is time to get ramped up for the next two big holidays....I sort of enjoyed hearing all of the Christmas music in the malls.  (I guess I am getting softer in my older days)  You'd never guess that from the looks of my new profile pic.


We (The Road Toads) decided to go out on another motorcycle run yesterday, since the weather was right.  It was actually 64 degrees outside @ 3:30 pm.  Hard to believe it.  So in prep for the ride, I posted a crusty old biker selfie on fb... & my avatar here....so much for the softer side that wants to listen to Christmas carols lol.  I will try to post a couple of pics...

Do you see any similarities???? ;-)

Enjoy your smokefree day....Pops with 65 days of freedom...Woo Hoo!!!