Black Friday!

Blog Post created by Pops on Nov 23, 2018

Pops is off today, and it's time to play....

Good morning EXers!  I trust that all of you survived the food comas that were inflicted from yesterdays overdose of indulgence....?? So now it is time to get up, have a cup'o'joe...& get on the go....to the nearest sto....oh yeah....don't forget to bring da dough...$$$$.  lol  Sometimes I impress myself so much...my head hurts..

You want to hear something really impressive???

Today, Pops has 62 days of freedom!  Woo Hoo!!!!  At 2 packs a day, ($8.25 per pack) I have saved $1,023 since day one....Wow! That's alot'o'mozarella...!  So I guess I can afford to splurge a little bit.....

Have a great smokefree "Black Friday"!

xoxoxoxo Pops w/62 DOF!