Pop's life has a "new design"....

Blog Post created by Pops on Nov 20, 2018

....Now that I'm on day "Fifty-Nine"!!!....

Good morning EXer family!  I can almost taste the turkey already....Let's not forget the pecan or pumpkin pie...the sweet potatoes...the green bean casserole...the cranberry sauce....Screw it...let's eat!  Pops is "Hangry"!!!

Then I get to lay around the house napping while the football game is playing...and talk with family....(even if it is only by phone...)  

As for today, I need to stop in the market on the way home tonight & stock up on some of the hard to find fixins.....I also need to keep my senses in tune to the lurking notion of maybe just "one puff" lie that always seems to come calling around holiday season.

Enjoy your day today & get excited about what is about to take place.....

xoxoxox Pops with 59 Days of Freedom....Woo Hoo!!!!!