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Blog Post created by Pops on Nov 17, 2018

On Day "Fifty-Six"!!!

Good morning EXers!  It is another gorgeous fall like.../....wintery sorta day outside.  Well, as luck would have it...thursday, after the first sleet/snow mix that we had for the year....my brakes started to fail on the car.  I didn't come this far in life to be taken out by a faulty set of brakes....So, I took the car into a shop that I trust & they gave me the bad news that my anti-lock brake control module was defective and obviously needed replacing...(the car will stop, but only after I pump the pedal several times...yikes).  I know that my attitude is changing for the better, and it really showed last night.  

Yesterday, I asked for a couple hours early release to get the car worked on....after they discovered the problem (two hours later)...the mechanic looked up the part to discover that it wouldn't be available until Wednesday of next week...Thanksgiving week to boot.  He looked @ me and said that he was afraid to tell me the price and availability...I calmly told him to just give it to me straight.  $1200 and I would have to wait until Friday after Thanksgiving.  I told him, "hey bud, it's no big deal...I am not going to lose my cookies over this sort of stuff.  I am just grateful that we caught it in time, and that I have the cash and friends and UBER connections to get through it all."  I mean, it's not like smoking a cigarette is going to magically fix my brakes all of a sudden...right?  Plus the money that I have saved in the last 56 days by not purchasing those death sticks...has almost completely paid for the work needed.  Besides, that was Friday, and we all know that Pops NEVER smokes on Friday!  (Saturdays either ;-)...or any other day for that matter....


What the heck, I now get to stay home longer and play with my boys....Mac & Cheese this weekend anyway... Have a great and smokefree weekend....

xoxoxo Pops w/56 DOF & Mac & Cheese!!!

How could I possibly be mad about spending all day with these two guys?