Today is a great day to feel totally free....

Blog Post created by Pops on Nov 14, 2018

Because today is day "Number 53"...!!!

Good morning EXers....today is day 53...no more wheezing, no waking up in the middle of the night coughing, and reaching over the night stand to light another smoke...only to fall asleep with it falling to the floor to burn another burn in the carpet of the bedroom.  

No more stinking body odor, or incessant coughing...and oh how I so do NOT miss those HUGE balls of phlem that were so heavy...my lack of air could not propel them far enough to clear the side of my car doors, as I spit outside the window...only to have it drip down the inside of my car door panel...yuck!!!.

NOPE, I don't miss it a bit....

A huge thanks to all of you here on this site, to help keep me focused on the issue of keeping them away from my face!....

Time to get back to earning the donuts.....Have a great "smokefree" day.


xoxoxo Pops with 53 Days of Freedom....Woo Hoo!!!!!