Pops has got days o' plenty.....

Blog Post created by Pops on Oct 12, 2018

As he rocks the "BIG TWENTY"!!!

Can you believe it already?  My how time flies when you're having fun....and you all know how Pops just loves to have his fun....how's my mantra go...???? Something like...."if you aint grinnin', then you aint winnin'"!  So get out there and enjoy some good living....be grateful for the health that we are able to hold onto, before this deadly addiction sucked it all away from us....we have been blessed to have been given a chance to enjoy some of this life after all....Let's not waste one single minute of it by laying around wishing that we hadn't have smoked in the first place.  Instead, Pops is absolutely, and unequivocally elated that I simply DO NOT SMOKE, ANYMORE....PERIOD!!!!!

Enjoy your day...."carpe diem baby"!

Pops with 20 Days of Freedom!!!


Yabba Dabba Doo!!!!!