I'm doing "fine" in day "nine"......

Blog Post created by Pops on Oct 1, 2018

Good morning EXers!

Well, I hope all is well in the world of the wide wide innerweb...I have started the day on a high note....Today is the ninth day of my forever quit, and for that I am eternally grateful for today....I was out on a road trip with a bunch of neat people all day yesterday.  I am trying to see how I can load some pictures up.Well, I have to go on a mission here @ work this morning....I will try to get back on the site later in the day.  I will most likely edit this post to add to it.....

Meanwhile, I hope all of you have a wonderful smokefree day today....know this...Pops sure is having one...not one PUFF ever....NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Pops with 9 Days of Freedom!!!

pics later....?????