Pops has knocked down the door, to day #4!

Blog Post created by Pops on Sep 26, 2018

Good morning EXer family!!!!!

I certainly hope all of you are doing well this morning....I know that I certainly am....This quit is soooo natural, and is not imposing any discomfort whatsoever.  At least it doesn't appear to be to me anyway....I am so overwhelmed with just how much better I feel, and that I once again am able to go outside and take brisk walks in the cool morning air, and ascend two, or three flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator.  The terrible coughing during the night, has now stopped completely.  The damp morning air still brings out a random deep cough, however, I suspect that will soon disappear entirely as well.  Me and my family here...we are vanquishing this insidious addiction...."I am SPARTAN!"

Have a great day......

Pops w/4 Days of Freedom!!!!