Day 3!!! and Pops is off & running....!!!!

Blog Post created by Pops on Sep 25, 2018

Good morning EXer family!!!!!  I spent all day @ the doctors office (VA Medical facility in Washington D.C.) checking out to see what sort of damage I had done to my body while I was out there running and tearing through life!  Don't tell me there isn't a power out there looking out for me....My organs are all in great shape, to include my lungs! (if you can believe that....) My liver is great, psa levels are normal, cholesterol is only 158!!! My blood pressure simply blows me away....it is now 117 / 63!!!!!!! Thank you God!!!  It was so wonderful being able to say to the doctor, "No, I am not drinking any alcohol, nor am I ingesting any form of tobacco whatsoever...

Oddly enough, when I was in the medical clinic going through my backpack, I noticed there was a last brand new unopened pack of smokes that I had totally forgotten about in one of the side pouches...I simply returned home and threw the pack into the dumpster, (not my inside trash can).  I am having no craves or urges whatsoever, in either deadly habit.  Drink, or smoke....either one will most certainly hasten my death, and will be going against the agreement that I have with my God today....

Be well my friends...I will blog later, I have to get back to work this morning.....Have a great smokefree day!!!!!


Pops w/3 Days of Freedom!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!