Okie Dokie...it's officially Day 1 for Pops...

Blog Post created by Pops on Sep 22, 2018

Good evening family!!!

I'm back in full swing now.  Today is the first day of the rest of my life....I'm bouncing back and forth with the thought of a smoke right now, but then I am simply saying not anymore...remember you're in your forever quit.  Besides, it would make my breath stink anyway....oh yeah...they cost a small fortune....by the time I finish scanning through those thoughts...the thought of smoking has dissapated by then.  It's great how that works.

Well, for now...I am tired, and I am going to lay down & see if anything is on tv.  If not...I'm going to bed early.....

Thanks for being here to help one another....And thank all that responded to my earlier blog. 

xoxoxoxo Pops (on day one!)