Hey yall!  I'm coming back tomorrow!!!!

Blog Post created by Pops on Sep 21, 2018

Hello my wonderful and loving family....I'm so excited to announce that I am on my last pack and one half, that should last til about noon tomorrow...and that's it!  I'm starting my forever lifetime quit!  I am preparing now.  I'm now drinking 4 litres of smartwater a day, eating very healthier as a whole than I was 21 days ago...Thank you God....I guess the most important fact is that I am so so much more compliant to the powerful God that brought me back from the gates of hell....(no laughing matter to be sure).  I have been praying almost continually for the last 21 days.  It came to me during one of my morning meditation sessions yesterday.  I heard this powerful voice inside of me simply say, "okay now, enough of this...I'm tired of living in a dirty house.  It's time you got busy and cleaned my house up.  I am tired of this needless filth in my home..."  So, this time I am not quitting because I am afraid of dying, or that this deadly addiction is extremely expensive.  All of which are certainly true....Instead, I am entering into this quit with a completely different plane.  I am being asked to do this for not only myself, but a powerful and loving God that I have recently remembered.  In other words, I am now much more compliant, simply because it :IS" the right thing to do.


I have to get back to work now, and I promise that I will add to this blog later tonight or in the afternoon tomorrow.  I felt complelled to blog about this new found freedom, and my quit beginning tommorow!!! 

xoxoxox Pops (-1 day)

Have a great smokefree day!!!