It's been awhile....

Blog Post created by Pops on Sep 10, 2018

Hello, my dearest EXer friends.....

I know that many of you have been wondering where I have been.  I apologize that I simply couldn't bring up a coherent sentence for the last 10 days.  In keeping with the singleness of purpose of smoke cessation...I will simply say that I was in a lockdown facility for another addiction that I am battling with.  On 1 Sept, I literally thought that I was dead, and came very near being just that.  I have just yesterday been coherent enough to come on here and try to formulate a sane sentence.  Make no mistake, I simply must attack this with everything that I have in order to live through it.  


Youngatheart.7.4.12, you are simply on point in my case.  Liquour and quits, are a deadly cocktail.  That's not to say that all EXers mustn't drink by any means.  However I can't drink and maintain a quit.  That much is perfectly clear in my case.  As of today, I regret to inform the group that I have picked up again.  I am perfectly aware that I cannot smoke.  I won't try  to put a but in here...I will simply say that I absolutely "swear" to this group that I will return to this site, and give this cessation everything that I have. I have a mountain of anxiety and depression that needs to get handled, as well as new medications that I am taking. 


In the interest of the community, I will not be blogging while I am smoking.  Under no circumstances do I want to impair a newcomers quit.  As for all of the private messages...I assure you that I have read each and everyone of them, and am eternally grateful for all of your love and support.  I promise you, and anyone else that may feel the need to message me....that I will get back to you after I have shaken some of this fog out of my system.  I am not a bad person trying to be better, rather I am a sick person trying to get well.  (just not in all areas of my life for now) I certainly hope you can appreciate that.  


I pray that I have not offended any of you by continuing to smoke, however, I can completely understand your sentiments if you feel that I have.  In the interest of the EX community as a whole, (as this topic fails to fulfill the singleness of purpose) please respond to me in a private message.  I will leave the blog up for comments, and you can all feel free to beat on me if you feel the need, but I hope that you would take that offline to prevent emitting a mixed message to the rest of the site.  Perhaps as a community...you can find some good in it.  Hey, at least I make a bad example pretty will... (my poor attempt at humor). As for me....I'm still shaky and might be slow to get back with you.


God bless all of you, and may you have the greatest of success in your quit!  




P.S. No Mark, I am not leaving the site...I am just going under for a bit...until I can regain some strength in this other area.  I need to be able to access my messages if needed.