Seems the serenity was needed after all....

Blog Post created by Pops on Aug 1, 2018

Good evening EXers,

Last weekend was a gorgeous weekend for going out in the country on the Harley.  I had a scrumptous greek dinner in a rural town north of here on Sunday, and followed it up with a relaxing country ride.  (see banner of a national park in the Antietem area just north of here.  Wonderful feeling of freedom just staring at this old electrical generating dam from back in the civil war years...Just breathtaking scenery when you take the time to go out and wander.

Well, I was wearing a new pair of jeans that I just got on Friday.  Apparently, the back pocket is a bit loose.  Because I noticed Monday night as I was about to go to the store for some food, that my wallet was missing!  It seems soemwhere along my country drive of about 75 miles...I must have went over a bump, and my wallet must have come out of my back pocket and ended up somewhere in the countyside! ;-(....

I sure am glad that I had gotten a bit of that nervana from the day before.  Let me tell you...it was quite stressful contacting my credit card companies to cancel my cards and order replacements.  Fortunately, I had a couple of other cards in my kitchen drawer to use until my replacements arrive in about 10 days.  I had to buy a duplicate drivers license, registration for my car and motorcycle both.  I then decided that it was time to enroll in LifeLock, as someone now has my social security number, and drivers license.  (They could really reak havoc on my credit if I hadn't acted when I did.)  At least now, all of my personal info will now be protected by a continual monitoring agency that will pay for legal fees up to 1 million dollars if I need to contest a fraudulent action.  

After all of that, I still didn't feel a need to smoke, because after all....I do not do that anymore.....and life just keeps rolling along.

Have a great evening.....

Popsw/104 DOF!