Blog Post created by Pops on Jul 28, 2018

As in..."Hold The Door!"  Cuz old Pops is busting through today.....that being the "Triple Digit Club"  Yowza!!!  Oh boy, what a milestone....Geez Louise....it hasn't been a breeze, I can assure you of that.


Good morning EXers.  It has been awhile since I wrote anything on here.  I've been busy living life.  I did take a week off and visited my brother in Ohio.  That was a great time, and I will be returning there on Labor Day as well.  Just one more blog before I get out on the Hog, and celebrate by going out in the country and ordering up some good ole fashioned country grub..... and Pops will be busting down the door to the "Triple Digit Club"  today.  I hope there isn't anyone standing to close to it as it swings wide open...lol. Hope all is well with all of you.  


I also decided to put a date on my real retirement date now.  My new retirement date is now April 22, 2021.  That is exactly 998 days from now.  I will then have served my government for a total of 18 years and six months.  (Shorter than alot, but longer than most...)  I am proud of what I could contribute during my career.  I'd like to think that you can feel comfort in knowing that there was at least one procurement official working to save you the taxpayer every possible cent that I could.  I have always spent your taxpayer dollars as if they were coming straight out of my bank account.  That seems to keep me motivated to negotiate down to the lowest acceptable price, resulting in saving the government thousands of dollars each year.  Remember, I pay alot of income taxes as well....


Well, we in Maryland have been pretty much drenched for the most part of the last two weeks.  However, today is a breathtaking day with gorgeous blue skies and no clouds or any rain in the forecast.  So, I am breaking out the sunblock, and new sunglasses, and am out for the better part of the smokefree weekend.  I hope you can get out and enjoy some of the weather where you are....


Thanks for all of your support in helping me get to this huge milestone.


xoxoxoxo....Pops 100 DOF!!!