Alive on day 75!

Blog Post created by Pops on Jul 3, 2018

Good morning family!  Happy 4th, in case I don't blog tomorrow....yesterday was sooooo HOT! I went to the neighboring Mickie Ds & bought everyone in the office an "Oreo McFlurry."  It goes without saying, I was the most popular co worker they'd ever scene...lol.  You can say that I had them eating right out of my hand....We get released 2 hrs early today to help hold down some of the traffic congestion on the Interstates around here.  I am staying home this holiday.  I will go out to Ohio later in the month.  No way am I getting on those roads with that many lunatics driving @ the same time.  The local beach here (Ocean City, Md) has passed local ordinances now that fine out of county drivers using the back roads to bypass the congestion on US Highway 50.  That means everyone now has to wait inline & stop and go traffic for over 50 miles to get to the beach.  A beach that is going to be so overcrowded, I can't possibly imagine that as a good way to spend my time off.   What are your plans?  I'm thinking that tomorrow, I am going to be offering cyber rides to my friends on the Harley and take a few of you out to celebrate smobriety.  The only requirement being smokefree for the day, and a good loud yell of the number of days you are celebrating.....sound good to you?  Then watch for the blog.  I can't promise that I will be on it all day long.  But, I will be on it enough to have some fun....

Let's put our knees in the breeze!  Woo Hoo!!!!!


Maybe we can travel south?

See you around....

Pops with 75 Days of Freedom!