Blog Post created by Pops on Jun 29, 2018

Good morning Family!  Ain't it grand?  Yabba Dabba Do!  It's Friday!  Time to forget about all of that nonsense that just happens to creep into our lives Mon thru Thur, and get our party clothes on & hit it hard!  I know I am.  Oh and by the way....71 Days of Freedom is a good reason to celebrate just in case you might be wondering what to celebrate about...

I'm always amazed when I look back at some of the shenanigans that I have done in my life, the vigor that I have put forward in being free...that I am still alive.....  I see that the entire country is experiencing record breaking temps throughout.  Make sure you use plenty of sunscreen too.  The sun angle is such that those UV rays are deadly right now.  Advice from a skin cancer survivor.  

So....get out and get you some of this wonderful thing called life...here are a few of my favorite mottos or quotes to send you off with.....

Pops w/71 DOF!!! Woo Hoo!