Good morning EXer family :-)

Blog Post created by Pops on Jun 4, 2018

So here we are back to another week of fun and joy...One week closer to retirement...I am pleased to announce that in just three more days...I will be at my 50 day milestone!  As in today is day 47 for Pops!  Woo Hoo!!!!!

I feel so much better now that I am not wasting away my breath, money and time...

At 66 years old, (or young) you would think that I would have already figured these basic skills by now...Unbelievable as to how much destruction to our bodies we endure because of the big lie that has been perpetuated on us our entire lives...Oh well, by the grace of God, I have been given another chance this late in life....I have to make sure to make the most of it.....

Have a great smokefree day!

xoxoxox Pops