Hello EXer family!!!!

Blog Post created by Pops on May 17, 2018

Good morning everyone!  We have buckets of rain this morning.  Just 18 miles north of here got over 10 inches of rain last night and this morning...they have flooding in alot of the downtown shops and major roads....So I guess I should be grateful for just a little bit of water on the surface....

One thing I'm grateful for this morning for sure...is that I am now 28 days clear of smoking!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! It is so nice to not be coughing my lungs out all night long and sit at my desk wheezing and my breathing being heavy enough that I could actually hear my own air passing through my mouth...Yep, I'm grateful that none of that is going on in my life today.  What did I actually give up?  hmmm, high blood pressure, coughing, wheezing, laziness, bad breath, obnoxious noises...? Gee...to think that I actually wanted to hold on to those ideas for so many years????  What did I get in return?  An enormous amount of newly found energy, a much better work ethic (actually being present @ my desk instead of outside smoking all the time), good healthy blood pressure, clear breathing, rarely cough at all...my self esteem....

Think about it for a bit....what did you give up...and what did you gain in return?


Pops with 28 days of freedom! Woo Hoo!!!