It appears I am no longer a "Teen!"

Blog Post created by Pops on May 9, 2018

Good morning Exers!!!! That's right, I am rocking this quit that I am so grateful to have restarted again...20 days ago....which means no more adolescent teenage temper tantrums...lol.  Actually, all in all...this has been a relatively mild quit journey this time around.  I have experienced minimal urges to light up.  I did notice the few times that the thought came on me, being short as it was nonetheless...it was usually around the time that I was getting off from work, or shortly after a long meeting that was full of deadline discussions...What I have surmised from that, is that stress from work is inevitable, but I need to learn to let it pass without thinking of dealing with it in such an adolescent way.  That's kind of like dropping a ten pound ball on my foot, so I will no longer notice my slight headache.  Not a very practical means of pain management.

Anyway, I wanted to keep this blog positive, as I am feeling very positive about all of my newly rediscovered energy levels, fresh mental viewpoints, and a general sense of well-being since I quit 20 days ago.  Woo Hoo!!!!! No regrets whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, I found a pin I thought I would share with you this morning...

In other words....what are you waiting for?!!!

Thanks for listening...and have a great day.....


Pops with 20 DOF!