Aint it kewl!

Blog Post created by Pops on Apr 27, 2018

  I tried to hang this kewl pic of a one week pin as a banner, but it didn't like the format...so I embedded it here.  Anyway, I had a small moment today as I was going out to the car during lunch, but it just passed as quickly as it came on me...My nature is to want to celebrate @ the drop of a hat, for whatever reason.  And today, marked a one week milestone, so why not go out and reward myself with some more death....I mean makes perfect sense to a drug addict....right?  Geez! the lies that we tell ourselves to get our own selfish ways....Just sick, is all it is...Fortunately for me, I have been through this on multiple ocassions in the past, and I know this is just a short lived phase, and not to over react to it.  Just let it pass without giving it anymore power that it already has....Focus on the positive....not the negative....my actions are direct extensions of my thoughts....If I hope to bring about lasting change in my behavior, then I need to get down to root cause and effect of my thoughts, and develop positive affirmations to help me heal that "stinkin thinkin..."


So with all that deep analytical substance out of the way...maybe I can go and lay my comfortable head down on my clean pillow case, and get a good nights sleep!  One week and counting....Woo Hoo!!!