My friend

Blog Post created by Pnicklin on Oct 16, 2020

 my friend mark committed suicide, it was two years ago but I will never get over it

mark was a genuinely kind man he was smart and funny and worked harder than anyone I have ever known. He was a writer and artist and all he ever wanted was to have a career writing and drawing comic books and graphic novels. For thirty years he worked three jobs and worked on his books. But he couldn’t make it work, and his dream alluded him.


mark didn’t do it because he was sad or suffered from depression or any other mental illness.he felt like his life was out of his control , so if he couldn’t control his life he decided that he would control his death. 

The reason I am writing about him is that 

as an addict my life has not been in my control. I turned it over to addiction a very long time ago, Like most addicts do. And it can kill me.


marks death reminds me that you don’t have to die to regain control of your life. That I have a choice ,we all have a choice.

choose to live or choose to die.
 I choose life.