Knowing When It's The Right Time...

Blog Post created by PirateQueen on Mar 1, 2017

Today was SUPPOSED to be my Big Day. But i made the decision last evening, in the midst of pain med withdrawals, that quitting today would not be the best idea. Some of my supporters think that I should stick to my quit date no matter what, and are upset with me. But from what I've been reading, it is essential to pick a quit date without built-in setbacks. I would say that going through another set of withdrawals is pretty much a built-in setback.


So I'm continuing my reading, continuing tracking my smokes, continuing blogging and reading forums. I'm preparing for my quit. I am fully committed to being an ex-smoker. Every time I light up and choke and wheeze from my emphysema, every morning when I wake up with a horrible migraine, every time I look at my bank account bleeding money to the tobacco companies, every time I smell my clothing, my nicotine sweat, my stinky apartment, my commitment renews.


But the first week is critical. And anyone who's been through pain med withdrawals, knows that the heebie-jeebies of skin crawlies, the vomiting and diarrhea, the headaches, all of it put one in a state of mind that is not conducive to any positive endeavor. This situation is due to my wheelchair being broken and needing a ride to go pick up my script at the pain clinic. As soon as I can get a ride to pick up my meds, the situation will correct itself. Things will be back on track for my quit, and my new life as an EX.