Spring time

Blog Post created by Phreck62 on May 12, 2017

Hey everyone spring has sprung here in northern maine leaves are budding on the trees our state bird the chickadees are is still cool 

I have been smoke free for 5 months. Whoo hoo

Still no relapses been under stress not a lot 

sometimes people the way they act .lol makes you want to smoke but I have not. Been going hiking frequently.when weather permits. Darn rain. Well it's better than snow. Other than that I have been doing great. I have not been sneakein any been chewing alot of sugar free gum since I quit smoking I have gained weight alright I'm now 161 lbs my pants are getting tight so I have to go shopping again for different pants. I knew that this would happen but what can I say the trivial of quitting smoking. Well that's all for now hope you enjoy yourself. Summer is almost here 

Till next time...