Greetings from maine

Blog Post created by Phreck62 on Apr 21, 2017

Hello my  ex blogers sorry for the no post in awhile I just turned 55 lol . And it been a little hard but I'm dealing with it.anyways we here in maine seems we can't catch a break on the snow we just got 3 inches and tonight it looks like more ugh. And I saw some Robins here last week  and thought yippee spring is here I guess I was wrong. Oh well I'm sure our summer will get here soon  anyway .im still.smoke free it's been 4 months and I have had no relapses or cravings 

I think that I have been too busy doing other things than worried about smoking a cig oops that's a bad word. Lol . Medical wise I have to take a whole bunch of meds now. I did gain some weight it must have been eating too many hohos.

Sorry I'm just being sarcastic. With myself I have been going out for walking almost every day when the weather permits well folks that's an updated for you please have a good weekend