No blog in a while

Blog Post created by Phreck62 on Mar 28, 2017

Hey there my fine fellow peeps I'm still hanging in there still not smoking .ya me!!! We are still WAITING for spring to get here in northern maine I know the calander.might say spring 

But here in maine sometimes winter doesn't like to let go.anywho.I'm doing well still haveing very little cravings and my Mrs who is 5 months no smoking. Next month which is next week wow imagine that April is almost here. We will have easter and I will be 55 year's old and 3 months of no smoking. I know that I am still no man's land. But I have had no relapses of any kind and I have been around smokers and in all honesty I am doing good. I have never asked any one for a smoke or had a  nick fit to go run to the store 

So I pritty much think that this is great for me 

Keep looking forward to the day when you can say  that enough is enough and I am going to do this 

Hey you got this 

Later my peeps nice chatting with you. I just wanted to step in here and let everyone know that I am doing good ciao baby