Still in nml

Blog Post created by Phreck62 on Feb 22, 2017

I'm still in no man's land....bur I have been doing great suprised that I have not relapses 

I have just been keeping busy with projects and 

Getting ready for spring to arrive I am also a avid bird watcher so I can't wait for the featherie.freinds. to show up .the snow here in northern maine is starting to melt the temperature is rising which is a good thing 

can't wait for summer to get here because I have a lot of hiking the trails to do .

So I am doing good I just handle my stress the best I can other than that I am doing good 

I just wanted to say that thank you for your support and the accolades I really appreciate it 

To others out there you can do it 

It will be tough but we are here to help in anyway I can. So good chatting with you and stay frosty