Christmas Party

Blog Post created by Pawr on Dec 23, 2018

I went to a neighborhood party last night and it went well. Lots of support from the friends that smoke, not so much from the non smoking group. This is so similar in many ways to my decision to stop drinking.  People don't really get it . The smokers seem like they are supportive but it's almost like they are expecting to see me outside with them again soon. The nonsmokers are supportive but it's like they think it's no big deal.  This has to be something that I do for me. There isn't going to be a parade, there's no fireworks. My family's happy but, besides my wife and the adult children, no one else is going to really give a rats rear end. I'm cool with that. It is also similar in that I heard from so many about the times they've quit and how they need to again. One friend just picked the habit up again after 3 years! It's never going to be over. I'm  a smoker that chooses not to smoke just now. The best positive reinforcement for me last night was smelling the people that smoked. Not pleasant. Also noted all of the people that have never smoked.  They all seem to be just fine. When I go to sleep tonight, I have 3 weeks! Suck it cigs.