It works

Blog Post created by Patty44 on Mar 16, 2020

It works if you work it.  My husband hasn't smoked either and that has been helpful.  The morning walks have been good. Today is day 4 of being an EX.  By putting together ALL the tools you EX-ers have shared with me and then using them is working.  I think it's mostly y'all!  Getting on here and blogging is something I look forward to.  No judgement, but encouragement and support!

Last Tuesday I went to the grocery store in town and bought all kinds of candy and tootsie pops and patches.  I enjoy going into town and walking around the store.  Tomorrow I will be picking up my groceries (senior discount on Tuesdays), but have ordered them online & they have curb service so I won't even go inside.  Kind of a bummer, but taking precautions is foremost important right now.  I have my first grandchild (finally) that will be coming into this world any day now and I will have the privilege of helping out the first week of his life.  His name is Levi.  My youngest son and his wife.  Soon I will be a Gramma.  

Nite and see y'all tomorrow.