TUFF = Tenacious, Undeniable, Fearless and Free

Blog Post created by Pao777 on Feb 21, 2017

I am feeling a little better and it's only day 7. I have so much to learn and remember. The fact that there is a two week period, a three month period and a one year period coupled with the usual and unusual challenges/surprises (not good surprises), in life. The statistics are not in my favor, as an impulsive type, to never smoke again AND THAT IS THE LAST I WILL SAY ABOUT THAT BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO BE FREE! I am reading like crazy right now. Got to remove that banshee from my home forever. I am journaling daily about the hell that I go through, the crying, the crazy ups and downs, the feel sorry for myself period, the anger, the brain fog and confusion, the thought that this emotional roller coaster could never possibly end. I know this is all an illusion - I also realize the illusion of I can only smoke one is completely false. I can never, ever, ever do that.

 We face a lot of challenges but having you guys and your encouraging words, ideas and advice is going to make this tough challenge much better. I HANG TUFF - Tenacious, Undeniable, Fearless and Free! There really should be an "E" for educated because I realize now a lot of reading must be done; thanks to you all.