♀️ Getting on my nerve

Blog Post created by Pameladavid on Jan 10, 2021

Trying to figure this page out and what my stupid health insurance expects of me is getting on my last nerve! 

So if I don’t participate in this they charge me $900 a year.  

I get text messages from a “mentor” I respond and ask questions to. I’m thinking these are automated messages because not once have I gotten a reply.  Ive asked not to receive after 6pm because I got to bed then. I’m up at 1:45am every morning so about the time I fall asleep guess what yep a text asking me if I hadn’t a puff today pisses me off. 

Yesterday made 28 years ago my Daddy died in my arms so yes i smoked! I’ve cut way back from a pack a day to half (which is a major deal for me) I can quit but on my own terms not someone trying to force me to (just ask my mom) 

Whats this deal with points? I can’t  seem to find how we earn them.   ♀ 

Why is this thing typing so slow and messing up my words  

can y’all tell I’m aggravated this morning? Lack of restful sleep for the past week. My average of 4-5 hrs dropped to 2-3. I’m keeping occupied by playing games on my phone, playing fetch with Roxie (my 10 yr old pupperdoggy) , petting the cats (4 of them furballs) , trying to catch the possum eating the outside cat food and living under the house.  

I go to work and come home this has been my life for the last 5 years. So being in a pandemic hasn’t bothered me at all. Good thing about being an introvert. 

Congrats to those who have quit and stayed there. I’ll be there one day soon