The buzz kinda sucks

Blog Post created by Pacifica12 on Jul 29, 2019

I keep thinking about what, if anything, I liked about smoking. Depends. Depends on which version of me you ask. The 37 year old me, more mature, pays bills, works, has commitments, would say... NOTHING! The tightness in my chest when I inhale, the taste of ashes and tar in my mouth, how disgusting an overflowing ashtray looks at 4am.... I really can live without that. But man, 20 years ago I loved it! Hanging out at coffee shops with my friends, smoking breaks between class in my car, I felt more mature and cool.

I feel that a lot of people have changed their views on smoking, including me. But I just have to say, and please this is just what I think... the buzz when you take that hit of nicotine is not that great and not a strong buzz but a physical and psychological addiction... at least that's what I have to tell myself. I'm trying to get into replacing those daily and mostly hourly hits of nicotine with another replacement... one that's good for me hopefully. Exercise, going out to the pool and getting some sun, reading something inspiring...etc. 

I do feel a little better at this point in my quit. I'm waiting for the day I can say and feel like a nonsmoker....but every day is a journey....