I MADE THE 90 DAYS ...........

Blog Post created by PRAIRIEROSELADY on May 8, 2018

Lynn- and all the Exer's-Thanks for your hand,I accept it and extend my other hand to the next Exer...pledging to not smoke Today or All Week! Prairie 92 DOF  I MADE THE 90 DAYS AND DIDN'T CRASH AND BURN,as I have many times in the past! I didn't have this Terrific,wonderful site and all this great support and information to assist me!!!!!!

Over All it was a week of PINS and NEEDLES!!!!! I don't know, if it was Nic-o-Demon attacking or my own mind trying  

to do me in????? EITHER WAY, I just stayed as busy as I could and told hubby,I needed him to be extra supportive with lots of TLC...He delivered and I made it!!!!!!!!


Spring finally arrived in ND. Hubby and I have been working outside on the cleanup from winter. Had several days in the middle to upper 80's. Today it is cloudy,chilly and misty. We are very DRY here and anything at all is most welcomed by the farmers and ranchers. We put corn in a pan out for some Doe and their yearlings in the evening. Also water.....I 

turn off all the lights,stand in the window,watch them come to eat and drink....Last night the group was 7. We were having heat lightening and could see them much better. They aren't far from the house,that's why they can see us.......


My spring perennials have grown 6-8" in the last  5 days. I did return everything in the house, to where is belonged after the painting of 3 rooms and some repairs.  Now on the ugly days,I will work on other inside jobs...that I do in the spring.

On nice outside days, we will work on projects in the yard. May thru July will go quickly. Then I will be spending a good month with my Mom who is in IN. Our daughter was 42 yesterday and my Mom is 86 on the 10th. Our granddaughter

attended her high school Prom Saturday evening. Boy did hubby and I feel OLD as we both were remembering going to the hospital to see her for the 1st. time. Sitting in a rocker in the birthing room and rocking her for the 1st. time..... Now she is 16 1/2 and will be a Junior in High School in another week.  The 2nd. 1/2 of LIFE SURE SEEMS TO PICK UP SPEED!!!! I wish,I would have more than a pair of Mountain Bluebirds come here,as they are so pretty.........EVERYONE HAD A BLESSED DAY!!!!!!!