I'm STILL HERE.............

Blog Post created by PRAIRIEROSELADY on Apr 30, 2018

I'm still here fellow members..... 


Last week was filled with a ceiling and wall repair from water damage. Then 3 rooms were painted.

Our living room,entry and bathroom. (I hired this part of the work done) I had to remove and pack everything

to prevent breakage. I do not have 1 room in the main floor of my house in tack!


Most of the bathroom is back together with the exception of the pictures for the wall. The entry is back

together,except the wall trim. Which hubby has to put back with screws, after I clean the boards up.


Today, I am working on oiling all my solid oak furniture in the living room. My Dad built it all, as a hobby after 

he retired from the military and post office. This was before he lost his eye sight and was blind. My china hutch,

end tables and entertainment center are very special to me. I was very distressed that the dryness this past

winter caused some cracking on my furniture. Also have to do the same thing to our dining table and chairs

that belonged to my husband's grandparents. It was built in 1910 and is also solid oak.


A little overwhelmed with all I have to do, for our 3 rooms that were painted to be back together. I also have to wash and dry all my china,crystal and other glassware before it can be put away. The boxes with those things are sitting all over the house.


HERE is what has happened since I last posted........

The current stretch is a ROUGH ONE, as it is the place, where in past quits, I crashed and burnt. Still No Energy!

Sleeping Fine, but doesn't matter how much sleep I have, I am Exhausted All the Time! It's a kick myself to even move!

The boils were treated with antibiotics and went away. I suffered with terrible headaches from the medicine and only

managed 5 days of the 7.  Had my annual bloodwork done, but I haven't received the report yet. I requested a referral

to a Cardiologist, as my Blood Pressure still isn't where it should be. The earliest appt. they could give me is June 14th.

In the meantime, my health care person, changed my BP meds. (So,I don't know if the renewed fatigue is the med or something else?) When I see the Heart & Lung guy, they are doing chest x-rays. (Last ones were in 2014 before a surgery). Since Feb. 1st., I've gained 5 lbs. and I am not Happy! I worked for 4 mos. to get rid of the back fat and tone

stretch and strengthen my whole body! I don't have enough energy to do the work and exercise too! I also now

have the partial, but have made 2 trips back to capitol city for adjustments. Still having trouble with using it. 


I have windows and blinds to wash. Snow finally left,it was 82 yesterday with a 30 mph wind and gusts of 40 mph,dirt flying. Couldn't enjoy the warmer temperatures. All the high wind is drying everything out... Only thing coming up

is tulips and irises. Trees are not leafed out. Only scattered green shoots in the yard. The yard is plastered with leaves,sticks and branches to clean up.(The whole Mess is Dragging Me Down and Depressing Me!!!!!) Yesterday, 

Nic-o-Demon was pushing MY BUTTONS!!! I could have smoked a WHOLE PACK, if there had been any here. Saved once again by the 10 miles to town!!! I won't drive in high winds!!!!!! Seen too many autos flipped over, through the years.


I know, I haven't been online ...... much for a couple weeks. By the time, supper is prepared and the 2 of us,clean up the kitchen...I am just SHOT! I just want total Quiet! So, I am behind on many things,as I'm done after supper........

84 Days Of Freedom.....Sometimes,I Feel Like I am Hanging by a Thread! Then at Times,I am Positive I am Free Forever!!!!!   Prairie