Blog Post created by PRAIRIEROSELADY on Apr 9, 2018

WOWZER!!!!!! Today is Day 61! Over the weekend,I've decided to LOOK Back at the 1st., 60 days.....I was so charged up to do this part of my journey,then out of the BLUE a Spring Cold came on and knocked me back. Also have had to fight with boils. Now, I think I am getting cold sores...I feel the burning of lower lip. I do fight with alot of them. I have for years. Considering, I've been going to the dentist once a week for the last 3 wks.,not surprised about cold sores....I have to take antibiotics before any dental work. (Even cleanings) Lysine is the only thing that clears them up for me.... We are out! Will get some tomorrow. Camphor helps to dry them,but Lysine makes them go away.


Not really surprised because my health issues for the most part are Auto-Immune. Tonight, I just have 1 boil, that I'm still putting antibiotic on it. Did some research, my sty on my lower eye lid who presented itself this morning,is also a member of the boil family. My sister, who is allergic to cigarette smoke had them all the time as a kid. I only had 1,that I can remember. Don't figure, does it???????


My NP and myself both think, all I am experiencing is Detox from all the decades, I smoked.....While the symptoms are sapping my Energy even more,they are not life threathening! I do not want a bunch of useless tests to give me 30% of total bill,until I meet a huge debuctible to confirm that! My insurance is insane...I only go when absolutely necessary.


These changes in sleep patterns,energy level,regular exercise program not being completed,extra snacking,desserts,a little weight gain,a few

extra physical issues:THEY ARE NOTHING,COMPARED TO THE FREEDOM OF BEING FREE OF CIGARETTES! Those days are adding up FAST! I will NOT Give them up to Fire UP Once More!!!!!! Just going to 

take this senior citizen a little longer, to get past some of this extra stuff! I HAVE FAITH IT WILL PASS!!!!!


I've decided to take a different approach with my 1st. 60 Days...

You'll See it,when I manage to put it all together......Not for a few days......Back to dentist tomorrow. A whole day shot with the drive and any other business and shopping. Truly trying to get extra REST,was a Snail over the weekend. By Next Week,I have to start packing all the stuff up in the 3 rooms that are going to be painted.... Alot of lifting and carrying it upstairs. Thank God, I am not doing the painting! So 

happy, I found my MR. Mom Handyman for all the stuff... that I can afford to fix now. Come back later and do some more jobs... The carpet stretching was done perfectly. He needs the income, raising his 2 little ones by himself, ages 2 and 4 yrs. old. He is a hardworker!