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How's your weather this weekend??? Wherever you are??? Hope your weekend holds Better weather than mine!

Just asking because; I'm inside listening to a raging wind with gusts of 45mph,snowing and blizzard conditions.......

1st. time EVER for Me to Sit in a blizzard, 10 miles from town and NOT a tobacco product in the house.......

I'M DOING OKAY,SO FAR! We knew the storm was coming,so planned alot of inside jobs to get done around some down time.... Keeping me busy! How many inches of snow, before tomorrow night is up for discussion...Each weather forcaster has a different amount! Anyway, too much for this late in March! Could be 8-10" will let you know

when it is over.........


Sure glad the days of being in unheated barns with Ewes and Lambs are gone!!!! If, they were here...I'd be putting on all those heavy clothes,fighting my way to the barn all day and night. Every couple hours,check on any Ewes trying to lamb. New ones, put in small pens with their Mothers. A heated barrel with heat lamp to keep them warm. Any bottle babies, I'd be making bottles,trucking out there to feed them. If a twin or triple, taken from Ewe.... sometimes, feedings are every 4 hours,just small amounts. On the Ewe, they nurse often, but just a little at a time. Keep their pens dry,strawed, and hay and water for the Ewe. Grain her 2x's a day, to keep her milk production up. N.O.P.E.  inside a Barn!!!! To Easy to Start a FIRE!!!!


I STUMBLED INTO NO MAN'S LAND a couple weeks ago.......Alot of my days have been Filled with Confusion and

I thought at Times, I was LOSING MY MIND!!!! For the 1st. time,in 45 yrs....I AM ACTUALLY HAPPY, I LIVE 10 MILES FROM TOWN........There are No Tobacco products in this house..........Never, thought I'd See This Day Come!!!!!!!!!

Anywho,I used an online app. to find a person who could re-stretch my carpeting in my bedroom. I found a young man

who he and his brother formed their own small business. I was happy with the phone conversation and price. We set up the day, his 2 yr. old son came down with the Flu. Little guy was also Wheezy, had to go in and pick up

respiratory equipment for home treatments. Project scheduled for Wednesday. After I spent alot of time packing up the bedroom. Moving all the smaller stuff, I could. Then hubby took over with heavier items. The heaviest furniture would come out with some addition guy help. There, I sat on Wednesday with my laundry room,office, bedroom filled to capicity with master bedroom stuff. The bed had to be redone to sleep in Wednesday night. It was a MESS! Major Disaster Area! Areas and clothes scattered around the house,while blocking other items I needed to access.

Really Upset My Apple Cart!!!! Out of the Blue,I got sick that day too! Spent most of day in the bathroom. By evening,I was just fighting with Huge headache and Terrible muscle/joint pain. Earlier in the day I had made a gallon,beef-barley-veggie soup for supper.


Thursday morning rolls around.... Had some challenges to meet, but was able to get my rug project back on track.

So the 30 yr. old, shows up with his tools ready to work. Nick and Hubby moved the huge bedroom furniture and bed out. As well as a TV,it's stand and my glider rocker and footstool. I ask him to have an early dinner with us. We all sat down to that veggie soup,crackers and cheese with pumpkin bars for dessert. The rug turned out Beautifully! Then cof.,

vanilla-strawbery revel ice cream and pumpkin bars. The guys put the biggest pieces back. After supper, hubby carried all the heavy drawers back. This morning I carried in smaller pcs. Now I intend to polish the hard wood with lemon oil,after using scratch cover on the old set. I am lean towards alot of knic-knack stuff going to the attic and storage...

Less for future cleaning. Anyway, when done with that the room, will have all spring cleaning done but 2 blinds and the windows for warmer weather.


I see, it is almost 2p.m. and I didn't have any lunch......So, off to do that! Then the bedroom project! I have a big long list for the whole stormy weekend.......... Too busy to thinking about smoking, I am not having any cravings yet, Today! However, my hubby is adjusting to me learning to NOT STUFF MY EMOTIONS.. Saying, what is bugging what crap out of me....FEELS STRANGE TO ME....Can't imagine his side of it.........

Whole new arena for the both of US! We're doing it! He is listening to me complain or whatever emotion, I have to deal with.......If he feels stressed...He goes to town for grain for livestock. Ag. meeting or hangout at the Elevator and have get a Break from ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so Happy to have his cook and baker back.....He is putting up with whatever, I throw at him....NO PHYSICAL OBJECTS FLYING AROUND........ We Did line up more projects for the 

old farm house.......