Smoke-free for over a month!

Blog Post created by OxfordComa on Sep 25, 2019

1 month, 6 days. Woo!


This weekend I got to play roller derby for our last official game of the season! It was a heroes v. villains themed mash-up and it was so much fun! I skated as Wonder Woman (so I'm the one in the blue/white star shorts with the tiara on a blue helmet). We have very boring sanctioned games at the beginning of the year and around this time everybody is just about having fun and playing roller derby. It's my favorite time of the year. 

Proud of myself for skating and so proud that I didn't smoke at the game or the after party. It felt gooooooooooooooooooooooooood. Also, I may have double-fisted some pizza at the after party  I also found out I was accepted to play in the Harry Potter themed tournament in a different city, which has been one of my derby goals for awhile! When I'm not smoking, I'm a better skater, and better able to accomplish what I want to get done with my life! I want to hold the joy I felt in my heart forever . I even met other non binary skaters from across the state and got to spend time/connect with other trans/non-binary skaters. It was just so dang satisfying.


Still navigating some frustrating health issues, but overall things are going pretty darn well. I even went by my Aunt's and picked up a few of mom's bags to sort, and I didn't smoke. Dealing with grief smoke-free. That's a flipping feat.  


Oh! The jigsaw is also finished! Woo!


Anyway, I hope y'all are having a fabulous Wednesday and there is joy in your smoke-free lives <3