Day 21 and a Monday!

Blog Post created by OxfordComa on Sep 9, 2019

Hey y'all, just checking in!


I'm on day 21. I made it through my first birthday (37 but who's counting?) since mom passed It was hard but also good. I broke down and cried a lot, but I was lucky enough to have partners and fam who did their damnedest to make sure I had a magical weekend. My dad drove into town and took us all out to sushi and we watched a movie at the theater. Even my step son tried really hard, which was so powerful. I wanted a cigarette the most when I missed mom, but I didn't! Instead of smoking, I worked on puzzles, hugged my friends and family, ate good food and delicious cake, listened to fabulous music, watched a hilarious movie, and generally kept joyfully busy. I abstained from the danger sticks and felt truly loved and supported this weekend. Each obstacle is a chance to reinforce my resilience  


That birthday, smoke-free aesthetic.  <--- my birthday aesthetic


I can do this!
I AM doing this!




That's my mantra for 37, I think.