Back on the Wagon again...

Blog Post created by OxfordComa on May 6, 2019

Well it happened. I started smoking again after almost 6 years as an ex-smoker. My mother passed away last week and I fell back into smoking almost immediately. I'm not here to beat myself up, but I'm here to get back on the wagon. It's only been a week off and I believe I have the ability to make healthy choices again. Part of my plan is to get on and make gratitude & intention posts to help focus on this gift I'm going to give to myself again. 


Today I start at 0. This is a fresh day and I know I can do this <3


I'm grateful for...

  • Supportive partners who want to see me succeed as an ex-smoker.
  • A peaceful breakfast before work. I ate quiche and drank coffee surrounded by my pots of flowers and new lilac bush. 
  • Being able to give my body and soul the gift of health.
  • 36 years with a wonderful mother who was proud of me every time I tried to quit. I'm proud that when she passed, I was smoke-free for almost 6 years. Here's to another 6 (and then some!!!)


I can do this! I promise myself I will...

  • Forgive myself
  • Be kind to my body as it experiences cravings
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take naps when I need them
  • Not smoke!