Blog Post created by Opidfght on Oct 11, 2018

Well its been 143 days of freedom if you can call it that starting to feel alot better now. Cravings are still there and may always be there you are the only 1 that can stop your self from letting the cravings win you over. Beleive me ive been there many times. Learn as you go to alot of smmoker and exsmoker only you can get past the cravings with out caving into becoming a smoker again. Pick yourself up and keep trying to become an exsmoker. ONLY YOU CAN HAVE THE. POWER OF YOUR QUIT. My son in law quit over 12 years ago when his son was born he was a 2 pack smoker a day , he told me even after 12 years of not smoking i still have that out of the blue craving for a cig. So quitters dont think that freedom is really there when out of the blue after 12 years you will still have cravings. You may not have them as you first quit but they still will pop up when you least expect it.