Blog Post created by Opidfght on Oct 2, 2018

Sorry trying not to pick up that sickette. Well go into work today have a meeting  with the higher boss. Well going threw what she had to tell us gets to me . Well you dont wash fruit nora does and you dont to 4 oz fruit tammy does also you dont come in til 9.30 now. I have worked at my job for over 7 years now  out of the blue i dont do even half of the stuff i use . I have lost 45.00 in pay. Now tell me this id like to no what i did wrong. If you were me would you tell them to stick there job and leave or stay and see what  else  they have in store for me.this is what put the icing on the cake person who does tables and milk and deli comes in at 9.00 when she use to come in at 9.30. But im not suppose to be upset or anything im just suppose to go with the flow, my hubby said quit there,s other schools you can work at but i dont want to loose what i have in benefits to start at the bottom  again. What to do what to do.