Out of the hospital

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Sep 2, 2018

Hello all its been a while since ive bloged  i had a ct scan of my lungs back in july  didnt no what it showed . My hubby came home on a friday i was coughing so bad i could not stop flem discussing  junk    he took me to the er . Will i was admitted 4 over 2 weeks i had bronuuler pneumonia  in my left lung with fluid around the air sacs in your lungs i was blacking out felt dizzy according to the pulmory. Dr. My lungs were not producing enough oxygen  which was causing the dizzy ness light headedness . Well 3 weeks later and im finally home fluid is gone and pneumonia  is gone thank god cause i feel so much better. Tell me how ive been to dr office at least 10 times oh you just have a  virus. I made sure i told the dr b to send full report to my regular dr. Friday got a phone call from regular dr saying oh how sorry they were. Ya right according to dr b all they would have had to do was take an exray

Well hope all is doing well  and newbies are still here.  For them keep chugging along its not easy if i can do it anyone can take 1 day and 1 step at a time. Elders you are wonderful people keep helping us newbies along.