Busy busy busy

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Aug 11, 2018

Well been doing some major house cleaning anything i dont use or anything i have or will never use is gone gone gone. My hubby came home off the road walked into the house and said Wow! You have been really cleaning. I told him i needed something to do i sat at the table the other day looking around the house  was thinking oh my god my home looks or is starting to look like a hoarders. Not me i filled 20 contractor bags cleaned out dishes i will never use all baby stuff from grand kids cribs play pen high chair which has been  stored here from my kids they do not plan on having anymore children so why keep it bags upon bags of baby clothes sure i could have had a yard sale but where i live who will stop.  Skipped that project and sent it all to the church for there annual  clothing give away. So that took care of all the baby stuff. Rest of the stuff went in the garbage just didnt want to deal with it anymore now i have all this room in my home seems alot bigger. Well my grandson gets his right ear operated on the 24th. Unfortunately  he has 30 percent hearing lose in his left ear nerves are not damaged ear drum itself is damaged. Thats why when his first tubes fell out they should have left them out not put them back in and make the hole from the tube bigger well what is done is done at least covering his ear drum with his own skin worked not what they tried the 1st time. Live  and learn.  Well cant beleive 82 days for me wow im doing great oh and stable in my situation  means nothing has changed nothing is growing or anything and my lungs will never be pink so that damage is done . Hopefully it will stay that way. Garden is now out of control 1st year in many that i have a good garden cucumber by the 100 and zucchini  same way. My sunflowers are so beautiful and glads are in full bloom got some real pretty colors this year. Well smoke free and loving it not a day goes by that i miss it i just wish i had found this site years ago i would have quit a long time ago if i had.