Back from a 4 day vacation

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jul 28, 2018

Hello everyone just got back from Massachusetts  we went to see the mayflower in Plymouth  and we went to Rhode island  to the aquarium  it was great we went to salem Massachusetts  to the witch  museum.  Stayed at hotels that were very nice an friendly.  Me and my hubby had a wonderful time doing stuff we have always wanted to see.  Came home to the garden oh no buckets of cucumber made 2 batches of pickles bread and butter my grandmas recipe. Ground up zucchini  and bread is baking in the oven as i speak. Smells wonderful.  All the money i have saved from not smoking for 68 days paid for our trip to Massachusetts  and rhode island. Its amazing how fast the money adds up. Well still havent heard from the doctor about my ct scan so dont no anything as of yet.