So sadden

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jul 9, 2018

They put my son in laws aunt on life support during the night last night. They took her off life support 3 hours ago she is still with us but they dont expect her to make it threw the night. Just an update . Well let everyone no if anything changes. Vacation ready leaving tommrrow cant wait to much stressfull  events going on. Callgon take me away. Lol. Well this morging was the 1st time i could not stop coughing even my hubby asked me if i was ok but the junk that came up finally was gross and discussing  but at least the meds are doing there job finally.  Loosing up the stuff in my lungs like a cleaning of my lungs. So maybe these meds will work. Well wont be able to post til sunday next when i come home from vacation.