So so scared

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jul 6, 2018

I sit here tonight wondering where i will be this time next year. Planning our probably my last camping trip with my entire family 5 adults and 5 grandkids. Be gone for a week its time to let everyone no what is going on with me not even my hubby nos yet only peop,e that do are on ex community  people that wont rat me out or say anything except for good advice and lots of prayer which i feel daily. I just dont want my husband to say dr now i need to have my decisions all made on what treatment i have chosen and i dont want him to make that decision for me. I want him to stand with me and help me fight this cancer all i know for sure is they wont take my lung not even a section i received a second opinion  on this a dr that was so nice in explaining  what i did and didnt know. Well will post again when our camping trip is over and let everyone no how im doing. Thanks for the prayer i do not want anyone not even family pondering over me  which i know they will when i tell them.