Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jul 3, 2018

Im listening to the options for cancer i go for biopsy  next week only then will make my choice know to dr b. Cant spell or say his full name. I get a phone call daily from his office. Why would i go threw all this if its a simple thing to take a pill. Why would i  start  chemo and radation when i dont no what kind of cancer i have.all i really no is i breath fine. And want to keep it that way. I think my coughing is not from the cancer think its post nasal  drip. Cause all i do is cough up snot. Really gross. But as soon as biopsies  are done will let all of you no which choices  i make. But ive seen what radation  and chemo do to people there is so many options just dont really no which route to take .well see what dr b advises.